Τετάρτη, 29 Ιουλίου 2015

Let's learn to live in the love of Jesus Christ, with love

By being someone an Orthodox Christian, is not something that should make him , feel  superior,
from other people with different religions and beliefs.

You see, every Orthodox Christian, is potentially a new Apostle of Christ.

Through his own actions and way of life, should show to others the spiritual wealth of our
religion.   And through its own actions to implants the love of Christ and to other people
who do not know anything about.

With his example he must  make others want to become and live like him.

My children,fanaticism does not help anyone. The worst opponents of our religion are
fanatical Christians. They kicked people away from the churches and pushed our
youth in the bars and into Atheism. All these people ,who have read dozens of
times the Bible, but have not encountered anywhere the word LOVE.

Those who grab the journalists microphones, live on air, and scream against to 666 making
the whole world laugh with us. With the Orthodox Christians.

Everyone will have seen several such. Crosses and penitence in the church, but will look
to steal your line on the bus or at the bank.
Prayers and psalms from morning till night, and curses to the neighbor's  because her dog barking loudly.
The candle in they house is day and night on,  but every day they have to visit the fortune teller
and the astrologers .

Communion every Sunday, but throughout the course of operation , they make comments and
suggestions to others, spoiling their mental tranquility. While continuously reviewed
with their next sitting friend , everyone else in the church.

They do fasts and fasts, but at home abuse and insult wife and their children.

They are fanatical Christians. The enemies of the Church of Christ. !!!!!!!!!

Heavy chatting will tell me, that I said. But not my children. Because those who sees
these people in their everyday life, they just do not want to ever become a
Christian . How easily talk about our Christ and his teachings, but at the same
time how easily do harm to their fellow man.

And of course I do not want to overlook the fact that there are indeed Christians who
fanatically live and behave the love of Jesus Christ . These are today's Saints.!!!!!!!!!

I do not speak for them.

For graphic and false talk people who only do evil in Christianity, but also in their soul confused.
For those I speak

That’s why  I tell you that every Christian, is potentially an Apostle of our Christ.
The best teacher is the one who can and teach with his life example.

Being an Orthodox Christian, therefore, is not something that should make someone  feel  
superior, from other people with different religions and beliefs.
It's something that should make him feel  responsible about. Because  he is the living every
day example of our religion.

I may upset some. Does not matter to me. I am happy and ready to upset them  again.

It’s Better for me and for them ,to worries them here, and wake up some minds to rectify
their attitude and be saved from illusion and their fanaticism, but for them ,to get eternal unhappiness,
from heaven, too late I am afraid ,when they have discovered their mistakes.

Moreover this is my mission. To wake up people consciences so they can be saved.

I'm  like you, a small Apostle. And this is my mission.
Be blessed  my children ,and healthy.
Father John

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